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Exploring the untapped potential in this formidable little mill.
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Digital Readout
Digital Readout
Engraving Attachment
Spindle Lock
Control Panel
Tooling Plate
Circuit Board Replacement
Cable Covers
Toolmaker's Vise Clamps
Surface Grinder
Lathe Attachment
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Counter Balance
4th Axis
Belt Conversion
New X Axis
X2 Freak with
Extended Y Axis and Articulating Head

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Automatic Tool Changer
Tapping Attachment
Flood Coolant Enclosure
Stepper Motor Covers
Optical Tool Setter
Mill Console
16 Tool Automatic Tool Changer
Automatic Tool Probing
Endmill Sharpening
    Work in Progress
Online Users
Incremental Sheet Metal Forming
Hoss ATC 3
8 - 12 Tools
Trunnion Table

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Craftsman QuickRout
for Fast Tool Changes
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